Very little time is left to enjoy of the summer in Madrid,and how much joy to entertain ourselves!

Luckily the capital is a vibrant city, full of possibilities, ideal to satisfy our desire for fun.

Proinca-the-Zoo-Aquarium-of-Madrid-1Today we propose an obliged visit for those families in this period of the year: The Zoo Aquarium of Madrid, a journey that combines the 5 continents alongside their most untamed creatures and a lifetime experience, for the little ones.
A lot has rained since its opening, the Zoo Aquarium of  Madrid was the first institution to devise a panda though artificial insemination outside China. It was in the year 1982 the Zoo of Madrid gained international relevance. since then, many families have visited their installation prepared to have an unforgettable contact with mother nature.

More than 6.000 species (pandas, giraffes, koalas, leopards, chimpanzees, penguins, sharks…) and fun performances brought to you by dolphins, sea lions, birds of prey and exotic qualities make this property of 20 hectares a very special surrounding to lose yourself in.



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Written by Ana Calero
Degree in Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is part of the Proinca Apartments team and is a lover of Madrid.

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