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It is estimated that gluten free will increase in Spain by 15% annually and that they represent 1% of the population. With these figures, it is not surprising that gluten-free restaurants proliferate in Madrid, where the gastronomic offer becomes one of the great attractions of the city.

In fact, the need and demand for gluten-free restaurants, bars and cafes is such for the population that large fast food chains such as Telepizza, Rodilla , Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut or Burger King have joined the list of gluten-free hospitality places.

However, in Madrid Fans Blog as well as being very aware of the people who must follow a gluten-free diet, we are more of leisurely food and with a very personal touch, we are going to propose five gluten-free places in Madrid to suck on the fingers and to which you can go if in addition to foodie you are gluten free.

Eat gluten free in Madrid

Our selection of the best gluten-free restaurants in Madrid, or simply places to eat gluten-free, starts at Celicioso, a chain of coffee shops that you can find at number 3 on Hortaleza Street, at 19 Calle Barquillo, at 2 from Plaza del Callao and 4 O’Donell if you want to enjoy a unique experience with the sweet as the protagonist.

View of Celicioso gluten-free restaurant in MadridIn Celicioso, the gluten-free delights range from a varied menu of cakes and muffins to great breakfasts, tostas, hamburgers, salads, sandwiches and a long list of dishes that you’ll want to try again. All very natural, very organic, very respectful with your body and very rich.

Seconding the ranking, one of always: La Oriental, in the 47 of the Madrid street Ferraz. If you want to go back to try a conch shell the or a Neapolitan cream or a Bayonne  this is your place. In La Oriental you will find the pastries always suitable for celiacs. A pleasure to taste again a torrijas to taste without fear to continue the day with the stomach upside down.

View of La Oriental gluten-free restaurant in Madrid


Lets go! For one of churros. Dive one of the most amazing desserts of our culinary tradition in a good chocolate bowl at number 2 Jacinto Benavente square. Maestro Churrero has churros and truncheons ready to carry also for celiacs, as well as stuffed churros, colorful churros, and so on.

View of Maestro Churrero gluten-free restaurant in Madrid


Another place of food for gluten free’s in Madrid is highly recommended is La Tape, a place of tapeo where they have gluten-free beer. In fact, La Tape celebrated the sixth edition of BeerFest last year with a gluten-free program that included a tribute to Oktoberfest with four taps of gluten-free beer, typical Bavarian tapas and a festive atmosphere with live music. All a luxury.

View of La Tape gluten-free restaurant in Madrid

We would love to review all the wonderful gluten-free places that exist in the city of Madrid, however, we could be here for hours, so, we leave you one last proposal with the hope of having, at least, opened your appetite.

As de Bastos is one of the first and few restaurants in Madrid with absolutely all the gluten-free menu. You will find them at 62 Calle Castilla with a varied menu featuring homemade croquettes, fish marmitako, roast suckling pig, pasta salad, vegetables, seafood, sausages and homemade cakes, among many other delicious things that will make your mouth water. By the way, that the gluten-free daily menu costs 12 euros.

View of As Bastos gluten-free restaurant in Madrid

Pizza, Chinese food, bread … gluten free in Madrid

The solidarity and commitment of many restaurants in Madrid with the collective of gluten free is growing, so that eating gluten-free in Madrid is no longer a problem for most of them, perhaps we cannot find a place where all the menu is gluten free, but at least one where we find several suitable alternatives for celiac. More and more restaurants specify in their menu all dishes that do not contain gluten. Madrid and its gastronomic offer 2019 once again make clear its commitment to diversity.

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Written by Ana Calero
Degree in Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is part of the Proinca Apartments team and is a lover of Madrid.

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