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The Chamberí neighbourhood, one of the most traditional in the city of Madrid, is in itself a classy neighbourhood. Its traditional atmosphere, the aristocratic heritage of its architecture, and the quiet life of its streets make up an unbeatable cocktail of refinement for an extraordinary cultural and social life.

Such a chic environment is perfect for socializing. The local, a lover of the street, enjoying a sun that warms up and shines a lot, congregates on the terraces that have emerged everywhere. And in the heat of this bustle, the most innovative culinary proposals also triumph and, among them, brunch occupies a place, to say at least, unique.

What exactly is brunch and why is it so fashionable in the city of Madrid

It could be said that brunch in Madrid is still wrapped in that aura of novelty and sophistication that the exotic and the extravagant have. But it is no longer new in Madrid, and less so in Chamberí!

This kind of lunch, perfect for the weekend, that means one and the other, neither breakfast or lunch, has a place in the routines of the “Madriles”. It has merged with his kitchen, it has been integrated, as happens to all those who come to this city on their way and are trapped in it forever.

Thus, brunch has also become the perfect excuse for informal celebrations: gatherings of old friends, birthdays, very intimate civil weddings, baptisms… Filling a gap that perhaps existed (it will not be a Madrilenian who says otherwise) between breakfast and vermouth time.

Therefore, it is normal in a Madrid brunch to find sweet and savory dishes in equal parts: waffles, milkshakes, juices, muffins, cakes, fruit, toasts, eggs, omelets, cheese… in buffet format or a la carte.

From the classic benedicteggs to the hamburger, which brunch are you most in the mood for?

The best brunches in Madrid

In Chamberí, brunch will not be new, but it can surprise you, just like the wide range of places where you can find it. This is the most authentic brunch (book before you go):

  • At The Little Big Café, at 61 Fernández de los Ríos Street, for about 18 euros you can have an exquisite healthy brunch on weekends consisting of salty + sweet + drink and coffee. Don’t miss the eggs Benedict, with salmon and exquisite dutch sauce, or the toasted bagel with avocado, bacon, egg, chipotle sauce… or the homemade pies.
  • Right at number 49 of Meléndez Valdés we find The Café Green Bakery. You can choose between three brunch options: Single, Vegan and Green for an approximate price between 13.50 and 19 euros. How about some huancaína eggs or some Turks with za’atar? This is a “must try”!
  • Also very close, at 50 Calle Fernando el Católico, you can find The Toast Café, with an American touch and a very bohemian and chic atmosphere. Their brunch is already popular, with a price of around 18 euros: waffles, pancakes, French toast, toasts, chilaquiles, burritos, huevos rancheros, the classic Benedict and, for a little more, even hamburgers.
  • In Crustó de calle Gaztambide, 3, we can enjoy a brunch to suit the consumer: light, comforting, energy, antioxidant and the so-called “Come back to life”. All of them include, how could it be otherwise, the great specialty of the place: bread, which we can dip in the yolk of some delicious eggs or accompany with cheese, Serrano ham and a long etcetera of healthy combinations.

What do these Chamberí brunch temples have in common?

They are all less than a 10-minute walk from the Proinca Moncloa building at Fernández de los Ríos, 104. Discover how easy it is to set up in Madrid,

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