The words “Madrid” and “summer” are inevitably associated to the word “terrace”. At this time of the year,

people live more time outside their house than inside…sitting in the open air, with a cold beer or wine between their hands, meanwhile awaiting for the desired food to come to them.

Its whether the atmosphere surrounding them or the food, to try out the menu in any of these terraces is a real pleasure. Make a note of these!


Inauguración de la terraza de Arzabal MRSTraditional cuisine is the spirit of Taberna Arzabal, located in a beautiful spot in the centre of Madrid, with views to ‘El Retiro’. Enjoying of some Mediterranean tapas and snacks or a delicious grilled fish in this type of “greenhouse” is such a pleasure, and even more in a well-temperature evening. Address: Santa Isabel, 52 /

El Bund, in Arturo Soria, recreates the chines gardens of Suzhou (Heritage Site declared by UNESCO) in its terraces. A calm and refreshing environment to enjoy of one the best cantonese and Pekin for either traditional or innovative recipes. Address:  Arturo Baldasano, 22 /


Wood, osier and vegetation blend together to offer a place to disconnect, relax and make us feel like home. Ideal if you want to enjoy of simple and delicate seasonal dishes, in accordance with the peaceful atmosphere you take in. Address:  Pedro Muguruza, 1.

Casa Lobo in Arturo Soria, has a great quality in their products and their terrace. Famous for its semi-circular facade and its desserts. The perfect option if you’re looking for a more sophisticated place to eat at. Address: Calle Torrecilla del Puerto, 5 /


An elegant and vintage little palace or mansion that follows the concept “farm-to-table”. This is the result of the renewed Warehouse Madrid, a space in the heart of a neighbourhood called barrio Salamanca where you can escape the city’s bustle while enjoying of its marvellous terrace. Address: Calle de Lagasca, 148 /


Taking into account the number of terraces that lay in Madrid, this list falls short right? For this reason, we invite you to add your own recommendations through the comments below! Because this summer, Madrid’s gastronomy and terraces are yours!


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Written by Ana Calero
Degree in Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is part of the Proinca Apartments team and is a lover of Madrid.

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