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We all like to get home and feel comfortable and, although it is a feeling that depends on many factors, it is related to living in a pleasant environment, in which you are neither cold nor hot, the bed is not a hundred years old, the sofa does not gobble you up, and the refrigerator, in addition of taking up the room , fulfills its function.

In conclusion, when one considers renting a furnished apartment in a city like Madrid, where the expectation in its many neighborhoods is immense, it is inevitable to imagine a house full of old junk.

However, supply has been evolving and so has demand. The tenant has become more demanding and the landlord is also more aware of the importance of offering a minimum standard of comfort and aesthetics when offering a furnished apartment.

Is it really much more expensive to rent furnished?

A study carried out by in 2018 revealed that, unlike other provincial capitals, in Madrid, there is only a difference of around 9% between both types of rental. In other words, if we take as an example an apartment for 1,000 euros per month, in Madrid you would pay an average of 1,090 euros for this same furnished apartment, that is, about 90 euros more per month.

Of course, this is just an approximation, it will depend on the neighborhood and the characteristics of the furnishing, but keep in mind that, from the outset, this proportion reaches differentials of more than 30% in cities such as Barcelona or San Sebastián.

In any case, the advantage of renting a furnished apartment in Madrid is clear in certain situations such as renting for short periods of time or when it is a temporary move, but let’s see some other benefits that you may not have thought of yet.

5 advantages of renting a furnished apartment in Madrid

  1. SAVINGS. From the outset, we avoid an expensive move and, of course, also the initial investment in furniture and appliances. If we take into account that fully furnishing a home can cost approximately between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on the size, remember that with a furnished apartment you forget about a large initial outlay, which is added to the rental costs, such as are the deposit, etc.
  2. ADAPTATION. It is an ideal option for young people who are becoming independent or who, even over the years, prefer to share a flat with friends. Also as a first home for a couple, or for professionals transferred by the company, students, even to cover special circumstances: works, separations, etc.
  3. FLEXIBILITY. Living in a furnished apartment gives you the flexibility of being able to start your life elsewhere without having to figure out big things. It is, shall we say, traveling light. In this sense, the “true premium” furnished flats are those that also offer a flexible rental, for weeks, months or long-term, to choose from. Being able to combine a furnished apartment + flexible rent is the ultimate.
  4. STYLE. If your strong suit is not decoration or you do not have time, desire, energy… A furnished apartment offers you the possibility of living in a well-cared environment, in which you may appreciate decorative aspects, construction solutions or equipment that would never have been within your reach or in which, simply, you would never have thought.
  5. URGENCY. Sometimes, what you need is to be able to move in the moment. A well-furnished home will have everything you need so you can start a new stage quickly and directly, without worrying about shopping, moving or decorating.

Strengths of residential rental buildings

At the end, when one opts for furnished rental apartments in Madrid, the ideal is to be able to combine all (or most) of these factors. In other words, why give up important advantages if the possibility of having them really exists? That there is savings, that there is flexibility and that the property meets our expectations.

In this sense, a great option is buildings dedicated to rental by owner companies, because they have many clear advantages:

  • Flexible and professional rental contracting process, included in the price: when you deal directly with the property and, furthermore, this is a company, it is a great advantage to have professionals for the management of the contract, the start-up of the housing etc. In this case, you do not have to pay an agency commission because you deal with the owner and the treatment is direct and professional.
  • Flexible rental housing with a guaranteed quality standard: it is quite common that in these buildings you can find great flexibility in terms of rental periods and, consequently, also that they offer you fully furnished and equipped housing, in which will maintain that quality standard stable.
  • Tenant care and maintenance services: there is no doubt that it is useful to have a care and maintenance service (sometimes in the building itself). It is perhaps one of the clearest advantages compared to renting with an individual.
  • Extra services: to top it off, in many of these buildings you can hire additional services to complement your rental, such as kitchenware, Wi-Fi, television, cleaning services, parking, etc.

In conclusion, renting a furnished apartment in Madrid is an option that will be interesting for you, whichever way you look at it: flexibility, adaptation, savings and carefreeness are words that will be a part of your life as a tenant.

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About the Author: Ana Calero

Degree in Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is part of the Proinca Apartments team and is a lover of Madrid.
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